Learn languages by reading great books

Finally a way to improve your language knowledge by reading your favourite books in your new language. Parallel text plus audiobooks, plus reading aids in a modern web app.

Find a book to read

Favorite novels in their original languages

Experience full books rather than just the short sample texts found in most language courses.

Great novels for language learning via extensive reading

Need to read a book for a course?

Complete a book efficiently and understand it!

Parallel text and synchronized audio

Immersive reading experience

Synchronized text and audio help you read and understand without stopping.

Reading Immersion using Listening Reading (LR) Method

Multiple aids for understanding

Full parallel text as well as embedded phrase translations & grammar tips. Dictionary entries and verb conjugation tables are a click away if you need them.

Reading with translation aids

The goal of Duolibri is to improve language skills by reading great books. Duolibri was created when I couldn't find anything that helped me read full novels with both translations and synchronized audio.

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