About Duolibri

The goal of Duolibri is to improve language skills by reading great books. Duolibri was created when I couldn't find anything that let me read full novels with both translations and synchronized audio.

I have been attempting to improve my German, French and Italian for years, but I seemed stuck at an intermediate level. I would also ignore languages for extended periods of time and then want to refresh them before a trip. Relearning things that I had forgotten was tedious. I was attracted to the idea of re-reading favorite novels to improve and refresh languages.

Despite much searching I couldn't find any reading software that used text, translations, and audio in an integrated and modern way. Along the way, I bought many different audio programs, parallel text books (paper), and tried many of the language learning apps. There are many excellent language learning programs and apps but they seem to focus mainly on beginning to intermediate learners. At the other extreme, using existing parallel text or audiobooks on their own was still too much work for me to follow along. The existing e-books don't take advantage of all the extra aids that a computer based environment could provide.

The key features that I wanted were:

Duolibri began as some prototype sofware I created for my own use. Over a number of years, the software evolved into the system you see today. This ended being a lot more work than I ever expected and I learned more about programming languages than French and Italian! I use Duolibri extensively and I hope you find it as useful as I do.

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