Great books in interactive parallel text

Read great books in their original languages

Classic novels whose stories have lasted the test of time.

Learn languages while re-experiencing great books. Read your favourite novels or the novels needed for a course or university.

Improve or refresh your language skills

Immerse yourself in the language by experiencing great stories with combined text and audio.

Reading great books helps teach you the language as well as learn about the literature and culture. Duolibri provides an easy way to use the Listening - Reading (LR) language learning method.

Language Skill Improvement using the Listening Reading (LR) Method

Read foreign language books without getting lost

No more getting lost and confused

Duolibri has multiple aids to help you understand the book while reading

Duolibri has synchronized audio, full professional parallel text translations, and embedded phrase-by-phrase translations minimizing the need to stop. You will read the book much faster and with better understanding.

Read anywhere

Read in a web browser or on a device while on-line or off-line.

Duolibri is available on the web or in Android and iOS apps (Coming Soon). Duolibri keeps track of your location in the book across all your devices.

Learn languages in a web browser or on a device while on-line or off-line

Inline translations

Inline translations

See translations of short phrases embedded within the text.

These optional short phrase translations can help you avoid getting lost while continuing to read (without stopping the audio). These are in addition to the full professional translation in the parallel right hand column.

Inline grammar

See parts of speech and verb infinitives embedded with the text.

These optional annotations help you understand what each word is doing in a sentence. See the verb infinitive for each verb - useful if you're not familar with the specific tense being used.

Inline grammar

Integrated Dictionary

Integrated Dictionary

Dictionary defintions of words are available within the app (even off-line).

The definitions are extended dictionary entries and not just one word translations. Links are provided to on-line dictionaries.

Integrated Verb Reference

Verb conjugation tables are available within the app for common verbs.

Avoid getting lost when seeing verb forms you don't recognize. This is especially helpful when reading novels that use verb tenses that aren't used in the spoken language. These are currently only available for some lanuages.

Integrated Verb Conjugation